AWACS Tactical Simulator features:

– App Store link. Version 3.1 now available. 

– Quick manual for version 3.1 available here.

– Free quick AWACS Simulator PDF 3.1 Manual here. There’s also a free iBook version ready for download.

– Videotutorials available here. More to come soon.

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

– You can support this project by clicking here.

– This is not a flight simulator, this is a simulator of the typical operations of an AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) in high-level operations with strategy elements.

– Play in real time or compress it up to 30x.

– Equip your aircraft with the right weapons from our vast arsenal to meet their objectives.

– Give orders to more than twenty models of aircraft from different countries in different scenarios around the world.

– Design flight plans for your air fleet with different roles as a fighter, attack, bombing or transport.

– Create your own scenarios and send them to us for inclusion in future patches.

– Take advantage of the teachings of a free encyclopedia with full description of units, tactics, tips, tutorials and more.

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AWACS Tactical Simulator has cut the price!

Now you can get AWACS Tactical Simulator for iPad for only half the normal price. Enjoy AWACS Tactical Simulator for iPad now!

And thank you for your support, we´ve been proud of creating this game, and we hope you enjoy playing it!

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New promo codes available

We have 50 new promo codes available for you. Just send us an email and we´ll send you the promo code, so you can download AWACS Tactical Simulator for iPad for free. Enjoy this complex and deep game in your iPad now!

An enemy E-2 escorted by F-14 is following our air groups

An enemy E-2 escorted by F-14 is following our air groups

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New promotional codes available

We have 25 new codes available for you to download AWACS Tactical Simulator. Just send an email to awacstacsim (gmail) .com and we´ll send you the code. You can then download a full version of AWACS Tactical Simulator for free.

This version will be available until next version is released or we´re out of codes. Enjoy!

Mission Status in a Survival campaign.

Mission Status in a Survival campaign.

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Version 3.1 released!

We´re happy to inform you that version 3.1 of AWACS Tactical Simulator is released. This is a maintenance release.

Version 3.1:

  • Save and load missions with Survival Missions: now you can save and reload Survival missions. These missions will be reloaded exactly as they were.
  • Fix: sometimes Survival missions could crash when starting a new mission.
  • Fix: Factories have better damage management.
  • Fix: when a campaign has no friendly or enemy cities the game could sometimes crash.

And of course, version 3.2 is on the way with new features. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

Naval Tactical Display System (NTDS)

Naval Tactical Display System (NTDS)

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AWACS Tactical Simulator 3.0 released: Mission Survival

We are pleased to inform you that version 3.0 of AWACS Tactical Simulator is here. A new brand option, Mission survival, will let you generate thousand of random missions, as easy or complex as you want to. With Mission Survival you choose those parameters to generate  new missions, or if you want to, the system can generate those values for you. Whatever you choose, you´ll have to manage with the enemy until you or the enemy defeats the other.

We hope you enjoy this new version, and many new options for Mission Survival are on the way. More info soon. Enjoy!

You can see a new video tutorial here.

And the Survival Mission manual here.

Note: saving and loading missions will be added in version 3.1. Coming very soon.

AWACS Tactical Simulator 3.0: Mission Survival

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Version 3.0 almost ready: Mission Survival

We´re pleased to inform you that version 3.0 of AWACS Tactical Simulator is almost ready, and it will be online in the App Store very soon. We´re at the final stages of tests so we can confirm everything is running fine.

Version 3.0, as we promised, gives you the opportunity of generating thousand of random scenaries for combat. Starting with a screen where you can adjust some parameters (see the pdf document here), the simulation will generate a random situation where you´ll have to manage against the AI until one of you defeats the other. It can be hard or easy, or unknown. With the unknown parameter you´ll never know what´s going to happen. You can adjust the unknown parameters one by one if you wish, and let others be unknown until you start the simulation.

Also don´t forget to read our quick manual here for more info.

We hope to upload this new version to the App Store in just some days. Stay tuned!

Bering Sea: Operation Shine Star

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Version 2.1 is on the way

After some time without writing, we can tell you that we´re working hard with version 2.1. As we promised, this version will allow to play the tactical simulator with dynamic campaigns. First, an initial screen will allow to randomize the parameters with some limits. After that, you´ll choose a ground or water terrain. and after that you´ll start with a fresh scenary always different. You won´t get the same situation twice.

We hope to bring you more info soon.

Radar logo AWTSIM

Radar logo AWTSIM

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